Urban and Grungge Consept

Urban and Grunge are 2 words that make their popularity in the world of graphic design. Why not? From the T-shirt design, print design, web design to direct the animators now broadcasting with the theme of urban design and grunge design concepts.

Urban design is an alternative design concept is inspired from the reality of city life and urban communities. urban style reflects the urban objects, and design elements which may present urban life modes. I mean like silhouette of skyscrapers, electrical poles, construction machinery are some of the many objects that are often present in the canvas of an urban style design. While the similar grunge design could be said of urban design, because the same set of topics cacophony of city life. .Even the concept of urban and grunge in the designer had melted into one coherent whole. But if it should be compared, more grunge design shows irregularity, namely the concept of "irregular" that the reality of urban life and the environment. It’ll be happen Because the flow is anti-grunge with the theory of general design flow that always looks neat, and always display the shiny effect. If the flow of modern screen text elements neatly arranged stream of grunge and displays the text with the handwriting on the old paper as a frame. And how about the effect…..? As for the effect on the text, not be confused. Enough with the random print destorasi has made the text was a profound art. And for the last I will share information about certain elements of the grunge in the next article..

I already shows a few reference photos nuanced unrban and grunge style in this post. and I apologise if a write error. I am not as fluent in English. Ihope for understanding

This article is based on the references of articles and Slamet Johan Saputra Hadiyadi

thanks u very much

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