T-Shirt of Bali traditional Hinduism

Two shirt designs shown at this time. This t-shirt design is a reference to my mother. I am a little confused with the concept of design because the design offered by that outfit has a theme or an element of Bali traditional Hinduism and in the design of this shirt that I try to combine two different concepts to do appear more modern.
I still have a lot to learn about the design concept of this one, because this design concept for the first time I do.
Well, thank you mom ................for her dress design request. I'll make more T-shirt designs like this if I get inspiration............

And to all my friends, if you want this font, images and Corel file of this design, please download from the link below.

Download Corel file
Download Picture Of this Design
Download Font Of this Design

I hope that this article can be useful and could be a reference to all of you... Thanks for Read this article

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1 Response to "T-Shirt of Bali traditional Hinduism"

  1. Ote Tatsuya says:
    28 Desember 2009 03.16

    hay bro/..sorry nie baru sempet buka blog..uda di link balik..sipp

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